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The fee of gold is decided through the marketplace 24 hours a day, almost seven days per week. Its charge is less stricken by the rules of supply and call for.


Gold and Precious Metals

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The most frequently traded precious metals are gold, platinum, palladium and silver, and the high Trading volume on these commodities is attributed to their retained intrinsic value, regardless of economic conditions. The preference for the online purchase, and even physical ownership, of precious metals as long-term investment has tremendously increased in recent decades. Trading precious metals also presents opportunities for those interested in short-term investment since derivatives and exchange-traded contracts are a less capital-intensive and simpler way to take a position on their price movements.


Unlike most commodities that are mainly dependent on production and consumption levels, gold Trading prices, for instance, are not: they follow the pulse of political changes and make it possible for gold to function as a hedge against other markets in times of uncertainty. Along with gold, platinum, palladium and silver are also valuable assets and traded by investors who regard them as stores of value in times of monetary uncertainty.

What are the benefits?
  • Go long or short
  • 24-hour Trading
  • High liquidity
  • Constant opportunities
  • Trade on leverage
  • Wide range of FX pairs

Description" 1 lot size Swap value in points- Long Swap value in points- Short Swap value in pips (MT5rader)- Long Swap value in pips (MT5rader)- Short Used margin *** Platforms
XAUUSD 100 oz -6.38 0.065 -6.38 0.065 1% MT5
XAUEUR 100 oz -0.61 -3.11 -0.61 -3.11 1% MT5
XAGUSD 5000 oz -1.79 -0.35 -0.179 -0.035 1% MT5
XAGEUR 5000 oz -0.87 -2.72 -0.87 -2.72 1% MT5
XPDUSD 100 oz N/A N/A -23.7 -16.4 14% MT5
XPTUSD 100 oz N/A N/A -23.3 -23.5 14% MT5

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